Steam Generator



Class I Groups B, C, & D
Class II Groups E, F, & G
Enclosure for use in Hazardous Locations as to explosion & fire hazard only
LB60(H) Unit
Explosion-proof motor
Explosion-proof pressure control
Explosion-proof safety pressure control
Steam output rating: 207 lbs/hr from and at 212F to 100psi with 6 BHP
Electrical power: 60kW; 480volts; 3 phase; 60 Hz
Approx. 73 Amp for heater elements / 120 volt single phase required for controls
Packaged into 6' x 6' DNV 2.7-1 connex box, weighs approx. 5000lbs
Includes 4 3/4" x 50' steam hose & 1" water hose
Requires potable water only